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Services We Offer

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Estate Sales Service

Whether you are looking to liquidate a home after the death of a loved one, or just getting ready to downsize into that new beach front condo, an Estate Sale might be the right answer for you. 

We can conduct the Estate Sale for you.  We set it up, price it, and manage the sale.  We do all the work so you do not have to.

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Estate Purchasing

If you are on tight schedule and need to clear a house quickly, we can help.  Contact us to set up an appointment to evaluate your estate.

As the largest purchaser of Fine Art on the west coast of Florida, we have the ability to purchase entire estates and help with clearing homes out quickly.


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Antique Purchasing

Whether you have a single piece of Fine Art, a full service of Silver Flatware, or a collection of 17th century furniture, we pride ourselves on being in the market 7 days a week for great antiques. 


We set up appointments daily and are available for house calls for no fee

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Antique Appraisal

With over 29 years in the art and antiques business, we offer a wealth of experience to the trade.  Daily immersion in local and national markets keeps us cognizant of current decorative tastes and trends in the antique industry.  

We offer in-house certified appraisal services.  Verbal and written appraisals available by appointment for estate and insurance purposes.

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Restoration Services

Antiques Galleries of Sarasota provides restoration services.

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Showroom Floor

As the largest purchaser in the South East we have a large showroom open year-round for your shopping pleasure.

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